Mission Statement

Our mission is to maximise the inclusive and sustainable growth potential of the travel & tourism sector by partnering with governments, destinations, communities, and other stakeholders to drive economic development, create jobs, reduce poverty and foster peace, security, and understanding in our world.

Puerto Carreño Contact Information

Contact the Consejo Turístico de Puerto Carreño (Cabildo Turístico). Currently we are "temporarily" located on Carrera 6 next to El Hotel Morichal during our organization process, our permanent office is located at the intersection of Carrera 2a and Carrera 19 (is under construction), it is scheduled to be completed around September or October of 2023 and will be scheduled to start operating on January 02, 2024.

Vichada Community Development Network 

The Vichada Community Development Network is responsible for local cloud-based communications that can be verified with geolocation for tourism and travel economies. Everything that is demonstrated within the Vichada Network is originated from Puerto Carreño! For more information, please complete our local contact form.