About Puerto Carreño

There are two Puerto Carreños, there is the "City of Puerto Carreño" which is the "Capital of the Vichada Department" and then there is the "Municipality of Puerto Carreño" which is one of four municipal subdivisions represented in the capital.

An Autonomous Regional Tourism Authority

The Puerto Carreño Tourism Council was established with the purpose of making tourism the primary source of income for the people and businesses located here. To accomplish this we have established a nonprofit civil society organization in Puerto Carreño based on the participation and goodwill of its participants voluntarily adopting protocols and complying with norms that have been approved by the tourism industry and civil society.

Network Access Global | Local

The Vichada Network is based solely on having a stable Internet Connection at any speed, Google Servers are everywhere through international agreements Google Cloud Servers are secretly installed in various cities, towns, ISPs and businesses all around the world. Based on the use of Google Chrome and a Google Account network users are transparently connected to the nearest location where the data is populated to the secure global network, local communications in the cloud are based on the same point of contact for all users results in a faster lag free and secure network experience.

Priority of the Network

In concept of Globcal International the priority of the Vichada Network was established to serve as a network based cloud server for the Puerto Carreño Regional Tourism Council (Consejo Turístico de Vichada Colombia y Cabildo Turístico de Puerto Carreño) in Puerto Carreno, Vichada and the Vichada Tourism Development Fund in Washington, DC. In essence, Globcal International is responsible as a fiduciary for Ecology Crossroads to collect contributions, donations, grants, and investments for use in Colombia. Beneficiaries (members) are required to demonstrate their business project plans concisely that need to be subsidized to succeed; business owners may be expected to amend their articles of incorporation and sign partnership agreements with new international investors. 75% of all project costs must be demonstrated to be brick and mortar within a 3 year completion plan and all projects must be ecologically sustainable and the reduction of climate change. 

Certification and Registration

Globcal International has been providing consulting and registry services for companies and organizations by providing professional oversight. In Puerto Carreño we are authorized as a third party verification agent by several Indigenous tribes from Venezuela which are at liberty to travel directly fluvial to the river port and land their cultural and intellectual property laissez-passer including arts, crafts, cacao and ecosystem services. Currently the organization creates Certificates of Origin and Certificates of Compliance for the De'aruhua-Huottuja and the Baré Indigenous communities, the organization arrived in Puerto Carreño at the invitation of Indigenous Colombians and Venezuelans. 

In 2023 a Globcal International Goodwill Ambassador in Hungary was designated by the European Union to oversee projects that are aimed at curbing and containing emissions as a Climate-Change Ambassador in good standing. As an administrator of these programs and projects our officials (Kentucky colonels and Goodwill ambassadors) are authorized to create a wide range of legal certifications with international host agencies. Several different legal certifications and seals will be made available to members of the Tourism Council.