Orinoco River Beach

Where even the sunrise each morning may be in the news!

Orinoco River Public Beach

In April of 2023 Globcal International began the planned development of the "Orinoco River Beach" (Playa del Rio Orinoco) as a tourist attraction and a sponsored planned maintenance site. Although the development initiative has only just begun the Tourism Council is seeking a total of 4.3 million US Dollars to make improvements from the area of the Port Authority and 500 meters south over a period of 5 years. This area is viable for camping, several restaurants and a water park within the budget, nearly half of the budget addresses ecological restoration and maintenance. The area is also the source of the city's water supply which is active for six to eight hours a day to fill home and business water tanks.  

Seasonal Beach and Recreation Area

The Orinoco River Public Beach in Puerto Carreño is the most accessible of all of city's tourist attractions, except that is during the "wet season" known as winter here when the beach is submerged from around June 1st until September 15th when it begins to appear again. Each year there are a number of events (including concerts) are held from a river barge using the beach as the theater seating area. In 2023, the Tourism Council suggested a number of improvements to the area infrastructure including bathrooms and a seasonal water park that ends in the beach area.