Tour Agents, Travel Agents and Agencies

A revolutionary social tourism platform reforming the business of making referrals to providers. 

Puerto Carreño is an Intermediate Destination

This page is a verified listing of travel agencies (marketing local tourism, national and international destinations), tour agents (specialized representative of a particular tour), tour operators and owners (specialists licensed nationally in tourism) that are actually present in Vichada, Colombia geographic area. This is an exhaustive list with links to qualified providers that are recognized by the tourism council or known to be operating in the region. 

The Puerto Carreño Tourism Council is engaged in qualifying and quantifying the industry in general for all of its participants not a select few, we are also the best way for tourists to save time, make the trip more enjoyable, rewardable and protect their rights. The Tourism Council is for tourists to enjoy themselves, don't let consulting with us and joining the Tourism Council become an afterthought of "What we should have done?".

Perspectives at the Orinoco's Ecology Crossroads

One of the purposes of our website is to categorize and disambiguate businesses so that we can make referrals to them, serve tourists good information and accommodate visitors that travel to Puerto Carreño. When we arrived in 2023 the local people were confused until they started learning more about tourism and the reasons travelers come to visit their city, now some are talking about installing a golf course and water park.

Ending the Confusion (Operators are Agents not Agencies or Hotels)

Here is a comprehensive explanation and introduction for all those who are a tour agent, tourist agency, tourism package representatives and travel agencies that disambiguates them from accommodation providers such as hotels, restaurants, attractions, events, venues and tourism councils:

Accommodation providers are businesses that provide lodging for travelers. This includes hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, and vacation rentals. Accommodation providers may also offer additional services, such as meals, laundry, and transportation.

Other tourism-related businesses include:

It is important to distinguish between tour agents, tourist agencies, travel agencies, and accommodation providers because they offer different services and have different roles in the tourism industry. Tour agents and tourist agencies are typically more involved in the planning and arrangement of tours, while travel agencies typically sell a wider range of travel-related products and services. Accommodation providers provide lodging for travelers, while other tourism-related businesses offer visitors something to see or do.

Unclassified Listings by the Municipality of Puerto Carreño

Watch for updates from this list being disambiguated and reformatead prior to October 2023!

Puerto Carreño Alternatives

Sometimes the best deal is just that, "the best deal!" There are many types of alternative lodging available from the beachfront to downtown that are not called "hotels".