Puerto Carreño (Description)

What we cannot say in a single paragraph is too much, when there is so much to say about our little place in the world.

Puerto Carreño (English: Puerto Carreno) is the capital of Vichada Department, Eastern Colombia, situated at the junction of the Meta and Orinoco Rivers, across from Puerto Páez, Venezuela. It is a collection center for the cattle and livestock products, corn (maize), gums, and resins produced in the surrounding Llanos (plains). It is accessible by highway from Villavicencio, the capital of Meta department, situated about 500 miles (800 km) to the west-southwest. Travel in the area is by river or air. Puerto Carreño is well-known as a center for sustainable tourism options including agritourism, ecotourism, fishing tourism and nature tourism.

Puerto Carreno is a municipality located on the western bank (Colombia's eastern shore) of the Orinoco River. It is also named after the capital city (seat) of the Colombian State of Vichada. In recent years, Puerto Carreno has become a new ecological crossroads for tourism, Indigenous ethnic groups and commerce with Venezuela's Amazon region. Visitors to Puerto Carreno can enjoy ecotourism experiences or ethnocultural experiences visiting an Indigenous community before departing by river in a speedboat to Puerto Lopez, then Bogota before visiting other departments to explore Colombia's meta diverse cultures regionally from the Llanos, to the Andes, to the Caribbean Sea.