Puerto Carreño Tourist Destinations

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Attractions Defining the Character of Puerto Carreño

Obviously the most important highlight of Puerto Carreño's tourism industry is the Orinoco River, Puerto Carreño is also practically Colombia's only accessible location for national and international visitors to access the river. The river was first explored in 1530 by the Spanish, its value as a global resource has increased constantly; its value to the tourism industry is unmeasurable. Of course there are other attractions, this region is much larger than Southern California.

Orinoco River

The Orinoco River is incredibly important to the Puerto Carreño tourism industry. It is the second-longest river in South America, and it flows through some of the most biodiverse and stunning landscapes in the world. This makes it a major draw for tourists who are interested in nature, wildlife, and adventure. 

The Orinoco River is something to see, do and experience; don't think of it as a place to visit or something that can be seen from the river's bank; people spend their entire lives here, some live on it others next to it; there are complex ecosystems, millions of fish and more water than five of the top ten American rivers combined, not including the Amazon River.