Puerto Carreño Tourist Directory

The Puerto Carreño Tourism Authority was established to fulfill the geographical locational needs and the objective demand for a semantic web 3.0 network of users (members) providing access to their services for international and national visitors under the anticipated standards and guidelines of the UNWTO, the results of our work are displayed and realized using your smartphone. Smart tourism in Puerto Carreño begins with Google Maps and Facebook which is integrated by the Vichada Network App/Website on Google Chrome.

Tourism in Puerto Carreño, Colombia

One of the primary objectives of our directory is to provide accurate listing information and display rating details based on international tourism standards in the Vichada Department. The Tourism Authority can provide ecological certifications, endorse tourism operators and provide complying companies with the ability to raise capital from private investors to improve infrastructures and public spaces. We connect visitors to new tourism experiences and make them part of our community. 

To facilitate this we recommend all our members have accurate personal details in their Google Contacts account including an accurate street address, smartphone number, personal name, company name and other applicable fields. We can only provide in-person technical support for users that properly deploy Google Workplace Apps when they join us. Members receive immediate online or telephone support from Google by becoming registered network users in our programs

Google Contacts information is exchanged between tourism providers and tourists.
Businesses, Guides, Operators, Tourists, and other Visitors are all encouraged to update and exchange their data from Google Contacts during the course of their vacations or business of adventure and exploration while in the Vichada Department. Transparency is the key to a heightened travel experience.

Use Your Tourist Permit to Activate the Vichada Tourist Network

When you arrive in Puerto Carreño (sometime soon) tourists and visitors, internationally and nationally will be able to activate Zona Urbana Wi-Fi Service from the National Airport to Orinoco Riverside Drive, unlimited Wi-Fi service is available free to guests that register with the tourism council ahead of their arrival. (October 2023)

Tourists should have their GPS settings activated and be able to find any of the businesses located in our directory in seconds using Google Maps, Bing Maps, or Facebook. As the Tourist Council for the region we believe that all businesses and service providers in our consortium should have a Hosted Website with the Council, a Facebook Business Page, an ID Verified Facebook Profile for each employee using their actual profile photo. 

Each member and tourism manager employee that works with the public is encouraged to have an IDaaS account with the Tourist Council (Vichada.Net); tourists are provided with anonymous, private and public access IDaaS accounts based on their Google Profile settings. 

The German Olano Airport is not Puerto Carreño, it is a transportation terminal; Puerto Carreño was not located inside the airport, but it was for many years (digitally) as "Puerto Carreno". 

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