Puerto Carreño Parks & Plazas

Nice places to participate in events, socialize, walk the dog and meet new people!

Parks and Plazas of Puerto Carreño

The story behind our manifestation in Puerto Carreño to organize a tourism council is based on our community participation and concern over the condition of the area's public spaces such as Parks, Plazas, Recreational Facilities and the Riverfront. Slowly but surely, these public spaces will begin to once again become places of community events and represent the goodwill of the community towards its visitors. All tourism council members will be required to provide volunteers for activities and events to recover these public venues.

Plaza Turistica (El Picacho)

Playa del Río Orinoco

Parque Vita

Parque de Tres Esquinas

Parque ElectroVichada

Cancha de Fútbol Municipal