Puerto Carreño Ethnotourism

The Golden Standard for Responsible Tourism in the 21st Century

Ethnotourism in Puerto Carreño

Western tourists often come to the tropics with expectations not based upon the authentic way of life of Indigenous peoples. Tourism companies may provide performances that satisfy these expectations, but also find resistance from groups within each county that have different conceptions of post-colonialism.

Ethnotourism Today

Ethnotourism in Puerto Carreño is available in more than 50 remote communities which can only be arranged 60 days in advance, unfortunately cellular technology is still not available in most parts of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. However since 2022, there are now more than 100 new Wi-Fi Hotspots located thanks to satellite Internet and intermittent connections.

El Tuparro Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO)

The Tuparro Biosphere Reserve and National Park is located in the eastern plains of Colombia in Vichada county, a flat area bounded by the Orinoco River to the east, the Tomo River to the north and the Tuparro and Tuparrito to the south. The area undulates with a series of small valleys and major rivers and streams. A few areas are permanently flooded during parts of the year.

Tuparro Biosphere Reserve and National Park

Tuparro Biosphere Reserve and National Park